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Blackboard 8 Upgrade

Blackboard is the leading course management system that encourages interaction between students and faculty; students and students. Blackboard incorporates web pages, email, discussion boards, chat rooms, small group areas, online quizzes, an online grade book, document sharing, and more to create an online learning environment. Blackboard 8 provides new and enhanced features that will make online course interaction more engaging and beneficial for both faculty and students. To help ease the transition to Blackboard 8, Instructional Technology Development created this page with useful links and QuickGuides. QuickGuides are offered in PDF format. Please contact if you have any problems opening or reading these.

Faculty Training Registration
  What’s New in BB8: Show & Tell Training
What’s New in BB8: Hands On Training
Blackboard 8 QuickStart Training
Student Training Registration
  Blackboard 8 for Students Training

Click here for student Blackboard 8 resources

Blackboard 8 for Faculty

If you are experiencing problems, please visit the list of Blackboard 8 Known Issues.

Online Tutorials

What's new in Blackboard 8? [Coming Soon]

Self and Peer Assesment

Grade Center: Determining Grades and Exemptions

Grade Center: Analyzing Grades

Grade Center: Customizing the Grade Center

Blackboard QuickStart for Faculty [Coming Soon]

Advanced Blackboard: Gradebook and Assignments [Coming Soon]

Advanced Blackboard: Communication Tools [Coming Soon]

Training Materials

Blackboard 8 Hands On Training   [PPTX 49 slides, 5mb]

Blackboard 8 Show and Tell Training   [PPTX 39 slides, 4mb]

Blackboard 8 Advanced Training   [PPTX 47 slides, 4mb]

Blackboard Basic Skills   [PPT 78 slides, 7mb]


Blackboard 8 FAQ

Blackboard 8 Grade Center Manual   [PDF 39 pages, 17mb]

Blackboard 8 Instructor Manual   [PDF 386 pages, 4mb]

Blackboard 8 Collaboration Quick Start Guide   [PDF, 2 pages, 832k]

Blackboard 8 Creating Course Content Quick Start Guide   [PDF, 2 pages, 870k]

Blackboard 8 Keeping Student Informed Quick Start Guide   [PDF, 2 pages, 945k]

Blackboard 8 Measuring Student Performance Quick Start Guide   [PDF, 2 pages, 770k]

Blackboard 8 Organizing Your Course Quick Start Guide   [PDF, 2 pages, 795k]

Blackboard 8 Getting Started with Grade Center Quick Start Guide   [PDF, 4 pages, 429k]

Blackboard 8 for Students

ITD Online Training [Coming Soon]

What’s new in Blackboard 8 for Students?

Blackboard for Students


Blackboard 8 FAQ

Blackboard 8 Training: What's New in Blackboard 8 for Students?   [PDF, 6 pages, 445k]

Blackboard 8 User Manual   [PDF, 143 pages, 2.5 mb]

Blackboard 8 SafeAssign Building Blocks Student Manual   [PDF, 7 pages, 134k]

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Sample Collaboration Rubric
Beating Cheating Online
Strategies for Online Communication
ITD Student Site
Office of Students with Disabilities
PDF vs. RTF vs. HTML formats
E-Reserves Request
Digital Image Library
Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines
Learning Styles Online Survey
Using Audio & Video Files
Adding your TA to Blackboard
Group Work Assessment Form
Assessing Group Effectiveness
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